Forta Pro

FORTA PRO offers advanced off-site construction solutions that draw on the benefits of modular construction technology. Metal frame modules produced by the company are very durable, rapidly deployable and ensure minimum disruption to the operation of nearby buildings.

FORTA PRO products are an excellent solution in the construction of hotels, student dorms, social housing, health care premises and even high-rise buildings. They have also been used in unique custom-tailored projects. Furthermore, a modular building with a modern exterior is visually indistinguishable from traditionally constructed buildings.

Prefabricated modular constructions provide comprehensive quality and speed up project implementation while ensuring strict quality controls and testing. The company staff resources also include a number of world-leading engineers with solid experience in residential and health care construction projects. FORTA PRO offers a wide range of building modularization options to meet requirements of the most discerning customers.