Project type: Residential buildings


Contribution: designing, manufacturing and delivery of CLT

Time: June 2016

Companies: “Skonto Prefab” and “Skonto Cross Timber Systems”

Country: UK

Project description

Private house “Bunker” is located in Wight Island in United Kingdom. For its construction, the company “Skonto Prefab” delivered the “Skonto Cross Timber Systems” manufactured CLT (cross-laminated timber) elements. This building is the residence of the author of this idea – Architect. Therefore, the building does not only serve as the private house of the family but visually demonstrates the professional vision of the architect.

Delivering materials for the project, “Cross Timber Systems” encountered a challenge – client worked with CLT material for the first time, hence did not have in-depth knowledge about that. Professional team of “Skonto Prefab” shared its experience, and is convinced that now client will be an active ambassador of CLT in the construction industry of United Kingdom.