Project Type: Industrial building

Client: Ventspils Free Port Authority

Investment: Industrial building construction

Time: 2012-2013

Company: Skonto Būve

Country: Latvia

Project description

In constructing industrial buildings in Kaiju Street 9, Ventspils, Skonto Būve was the general contractor of the project; the company carried out the preparation and maintenance of the site, earthworks, internal finishing works, and material supply for all the parties involved in the project.
The project's main challenge was the relatively short time in which to prepare space for the necessary production equipment to be put in place and connected. By combining prefabricated reinforced concrete frame with metal trusses, Skonto Būve quickly and efficiently constructed the substructure of the building. The specially selected roof panels, which also provide covering and insulation, allowed to speed up the time of works.
This project had heightened requirements for the cleanliness of the industrial premises - some rooms had to correspond to level 5 on ISO scale. Following the guidelines, Skonto Būve staff maintained order and cleanliness on the construction site; increased attention was paid to the construction of ventilation network connections. The building was equipped with high-performance ventilation system, which, like the other communications of the building, can be monitored and controlled by the building management system (BMS). This project gave Skonto Būve invaluable experience in cleanroom construction, the guidelines of which can be used in civil engineering to achieve higher quality of projects.