Project type: Public buildings, commercial buildings

Client: Linstow Varner Ltd

Investment: The first and the second construction stage of the development of the Riga Central Railway Station complex

Time: 2001-2003

Company: Skonto Būve

Country: Latvia

Project description

Origo is a popular shopping centre in the centre of Riga, next to the central transportation hub of the city. Since the shopping centre is connected to the central railway station, Riga residents and guests of the city alike attend it daily — Origo is annually visited by more than 35 million people.
Total area of Origo shopping centre is 35 000 m2. It consists of two buildings, which are joined with two fully renovated train station halls and together form a single house, which includes multi-level store buildings, station itself, a clock tower with a cafe and a viewing platform, as well as an underground parking lot. Reconstruction and merging of the buildings was carried out by Skonto Būve. The company built the parking lot with 130 places and 150 new shops on three floors, as well as office spaces. Within this project Skonto Būve restored the passenger tunnels leading to the train platforms, waiting room for local passengers and the main hall. Also, the railway station square has been reconstructed, it has become a popular meeting place for the people, and is regularly used to hold various events.
Throughout the project the railway station continued to function as usual, and the flow of people was significant. For Skonto Būve staff it was a great opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and ability to effectively organise the construction site. Subject to the customer's opinions, requirements, and interests, all the issues arising in the work process were successfully resolved. The contracting authority welcomes the fact that even after the object was put into operation, the company continues to take care of the functional condition of the object.