Project type: Infrastructure objects

Client: Latvijas dzelzsceļš SJSC

Contribution: Construction of signalling, telecommunications and power supply systems and reconstruction of the overhead contact network in railway section Rīga – Krustpils between Skrīveri and Krustpils

Time: 2010-2014

Company: Skonto Būve

Country: Latvia

Project description

The construction of the second railway Skriveri-Krustpils is the largest railway project since Latvia regained its independence. Since the construction is complete, in the entire railway sector Riga-Krustpils there are two railway tracks. This is a significant relief for the passengers and the railway employees - trains no longer have stop to give way to the oncoming trains, thus increasing railway safety and reliability. In turn, the increase in speed is an important factor in promoting local and international traffic.
In the construction of signalling, telecommunications, and power supply systems for Skrīveri-Krustpils second rail track Skonto Būve used innovative technical solutions and modern equipment. The electrical relay interlocking system created in 1960s was replaced by modern and secure microprocessor interlocking equipment, as well as implemented dispatcher centralisation.
During the execution of the project, 10 kV power line of main network of the power supply was reconstructed. The existing 10 kV overhead line was replaced with the 10 kV power cable line in the sector Aizkraukle-Krustpils, eliminating the risk of falling trees in stormy weather damaging the power lines.
During the construction, the telecommunications system was improved - a new optical cable line was built, as well as modern communications systems were introduced, for notifying passengers in the stations, radio communications and data transmission. In Skrīveru and Aizkraukles stations the existing catenary was reconstructed, total length of approximately 6500 m.
It is important to note that the construction took place alongside the railway track on which the train traffic continued also during the construction. This means careful planning of works and strict adherence to safety rules.