Project type: Public buildings, infrastructure objects

Client: Riga Airport

Investment: Design, production and assembly of glazed aluminium constructions

Time: 2014-2015

Company: Skonto Būve, Skonto Plan

Country: Latvia

Project description

The expansion of Riga International Airport was carried out to provide adequate service to the airlines, as well as comfortable conditions and quality service for the passengers. In round 5 of Airport terminal development the Northern pier was built, expanding the non-Schengen area, and creating four new boarding sectors. The new pier building can service larger aircrafts; this has increased the capacity of the airport. The new pier building also facilitates commercial spaces, thus giving passengers the opportunity to use a wider range of airport services. The completion of this project is an important step in the development of Riga Airport. It has increased the airport’s competitive ability in Europe and created favourable conditions for new airlines.
For this project Skonto Plan provided design, production, and assembly of glazed aluminium structures (ALU) for the first round of the construction of the North pier. Considering the high quality and safety requirements, in a relatively short time large glazed aluminium structures were build, covering the total area of approximately 8100m2.