Project type: Public buildings, Restoration

Client: Valsts nekustamie īpašumi SJSC

Investment: Reconstruction, restoration of castle-front of Riga Castle, and Riga Castle East extension

Time: 2012-2015

Company: Skonto Būve

Country: Latvia

Project description

Riga Castle is the place of residence of the President of Republic of Latvia; it is one of the largest medieval castles in Latvia. Over the centuries, it has survived countless rulers and wars, and has been repeatedly destroyed and restored.
Within this project Skonto Būve rebuilt the premises of Riga Castle, reconstructing, restoring, and adjusting the premises to state representational needs. In 2013 the medieval building was hit by disaster – it caught fire that could have destroyed the project entirely. However, it did not happen, and Skonto Būve expertly restored all the destroyed wooden roof structures. The second major challenge was the construction of the East annex basement. The basement floor had to be dug out under the four-story building, but in the course of digging the builders were constantly faced with structures that caused changes in the project design and implementation techniques.
A major contribution to the Riga Castle reconstruction and restoration is due to Skonto Būve engineering staff who coordinated and oversaw the work of Skonto Būve subcontractors. Overall, an area of almost 10 000 m2 was reconstructed in Riga Castle; in addition, not only the building itself, but also all the decorative and functional elements were restored. In all parts of the Castle the bearing structures were restored and the foundations and structures were reinforced. Also, furniture, paintings, chandeliers, wall and ceiling paintings and interior decorations were fully renewed. Interior details in several rooms have gained unprecedented brilliance and splendour. In cooperation with the restorers, the builders did an impressive work, which was also recognised in the Grand Prix show with Latvian Building Award of the Year 2015.
Skonto Būve was honoured to make their contribution in a project of such a scale – keeping in mind the cultural and historical value of the building, all those involved were motivated to carry out their duties to the highest possible level. It truly is a project that has written the name of Skonto Būve in the history, passing on the century old heritage to the generations to come.
The project was completed in time for Riga Castle 500-year anniversary. The contracting authority commented on the result: "All the works have been carried out in accordance with the existing laws of Republic of Latvia, building codes and safety requirements. The works were completed within the agreed schedule, and with the appropriate materials and equipment."