Project type: Public buildings, Restoration

Client: Road Traffic Safety Directorate SJSC

Investment: Reconstruction of Riga Motor Museum and first and second construction stage of the extension of RTSD customer service centre

Time: 2013-2015

Companies: Skonto Būve, Skonto Plan

Country: Latvia

Project description

The legendary Riga Motor Museum, which holds a unique collection of historic vehicles, went through a major reconstruction. The museum's interior is completely rebuilt according to modern requirements, resulting in a wider, higher quality exhibition space, comfortable and pleasant environment, as well as easy access for all visitors.
Skonto Būve carried out not only in the museum's reconstruction, but also building of its extension, the project of Road Traffic Safety Directorate customer service centre. The main works included construction of the building foundation, installation of load-bearing metal and concrete structures, construction of engineering communications, interior and exterior works, as well as landscaping. The building is equipped with building management system (BMS), which allows to control the main system utilities, and lighting control system
The project is ambitious not only because of the construction volume, but also in terms of architectural solutions. The building boasts a visually effective double-glazed façade. Its design, construction and organisation of works required a high level of professionalism from the engineers and all the involved Skonto Plan team.
In Latvia, it is the first facade design solution of this kind, due to which the building has low energy consumption. The curved facade and multi-faceted surface reflects the surroundings at different angles, giving an impression of lightness and playfulness. The central element of the interior of the building is the rounded atrium in the height of five-stories, culminating with a special printed transom, and the coloured glass tower in broken-shape with negotiation rooms.
The client, RTSD, estimates that all the work was done qualitatively, professionally and in a timely manner, "Skonto Būve is a serious and qualified construction company that works with modern advanced materials and technologies in line with the project solutions." In the exposition The Best Building in Latvia 2015 the customer service centre of RTSD was recognized as the best public building.