Project type: Infrastructure objects

Client: Latvijas dzelzsceļš SJSC

Contribution: Construction of Station Bolderāja 2 with connecting road to the terminals of Krievu island

Time: 2013-2015

Company Skonto Būve

Country: Latvia

Project description

The objective of the project was to increase the total capacity of Riga railway junction, improve the safety of train traffic, and to relieve the historical centre of Riga of the rail freight, as well as join the terminals of Krievu island to the main rail infrastructure. Within 24 months Skonto Būve quickly and efficiently carried out the building of the station Bolderāja 2 with the connecting road to the terminals of Krievu island and all the necessary preparatory works. Skonto Būve supervised the project and construction management: building of the centralized steering posts, internal and external networks, engineering preparation of the territory, construction of embankments, railway tracks and roads, landscaping, etc. One of the main challenges was the geological conditions on the territory of the construction site. Marshy environment provided opportunity to use innovative soil consolidation methods - sand columns and vertical geosynthetic filters were embedded in the embankments, as well as load on the embankments was built up with the with the transported soil. Its supply alone required more than 17 000 tipper truck trips. Controlled soil consolidation is a relatively rarely used method in Latvia, proving high professionalism of Skonto Būve and its creative approach to complex situations. It was also highly appreciated by the client, who made note of Skonto Būve resourceful approach, taking into account the environmental factors to have minimal effect on the landscape and the adjacent ecosystems, and creating a complex of civil engineering structures with modern industrial accent. Bolderāja 2 is undoubtedly one of the most significant transport infrastructure projects in Latvia and the Baltic States.