Project type: Engineering constructions

Client: AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls”

Contribution: switchgear reconstruction, designing, construction and assembling works

Time: 2015–2018

Company: “Latvijas Energoceltnieks”

Country: Latvia

Project description

During the period from 2015 to 2018 “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” performed the 110/20/10 kV substation “Ventspils” 110 kV switchgear reconstruction, designing, construction and assembling works. In frame of the project, the old equipment was replaced with new and modern, thus increasing the electro transmission safety in the town of Ventspils and its area. Both during the project documentation, development and construction period “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” received positive feedback from the client in regards to implementation of the project.

In frame of the project, “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” performed the following works:

  • Dismantling of the existing substation 110 kV ĀSI (external switching gear);
  • Construction of the drainage system;
  • Construction of concrete foundations;
  • Assembling of the portal foundations with the help of pile system;
  • Assembling of steel constructions;
  • Assembling of primary equipment;
  • Assembling of primary connections;
  • Assembling and connecting of RAA panels and secondary cables;
  • Reconstruction of the substation administration building, workshop and garage;
  • Construction of the substation roads.